Facilities: Bruker MRI/NMR 750 MHz

The Bruker 750MHz (17.6T) MRI/NMR System is capable of performing micro-imaging, in vivo imaging, solution NMR spectroscopy and solid-state NMR spectroscopy. The bore size of the magnet is 89 mm. The Ascend series of Bruker compact NMR magnets features advanced superconductor technology with a significant reduction in physical size and magnetic stray field. The magnet equipped with both wide bore (WB) and standard bore (SB) Bruker orthogonal shim systems, which provide excellent magnet field homogeneity. Vibration isolation posts are installed to reduce the effect of floor vibrations. A magnet stand with 1.05 m length offers easy access to the magnet bore.

Three actively shielded gradient assemblies are provided: Mini 0.5 (0.75 G/cm/A), Micro 2.5 (2.5 G/cm/A) and Micro 5 (5 G/cm/A).

The AVANCE III console provides highest speed RF generation and data acquisition with a highly modular and scalable transmitter and receiver channel architecture. Four transmitters (One proton and three X-nuclei) and four receivers are available for this MRI scanner. The system contains four 1H preamplifiers, one 2H preamplifier, and one preamplifier for X-nuclei.

Micro 5 Assembly

Bruker Micro5L micro imaging probe
The probe is supplied with fixed 10 mm 1H Coil
2H lock channel
Part No.:Z120191
SNR: 20000

Micro 2.5 Assembly

Bruker Micro-AHS/RF2.5-In Vivo MicroImaging probe
Part No.:T123368

Bruker Micro2.5 25mm circular polarized resonator
Part No.:T119979
SNR: 11000

M2M Micro-AHS/RF2.5-In Vivo MicroImaging probe
Part No.:H13190

M2M Micro2.5 25mm 1H-19F/15N Resonator
Part No.:
SNR: 8520

M2M Micro2.5 25mm 1H-19F/17O Resonator
Part No.:H19695
SNR: 8520

M2M Micro2.5 15mm ID SAW
Part No.:H13521
SNR: 29114

M2M Micro2.5 20mm ID SAW
Part No.:H13788

Mini0.5 Assembly

Bruker 4 Segment Volume Resonator
4 segment volume resonator for parallel imaging applications.
Part No.:T125846/10

Solution NMR Probes

Bruker 5mm Double Channel Solution NMR Probe
Inverse broadband (BBI) probe (5 mm sample diameter), 1H observe with broadband decoupling coil tunable from 109Ag to 31P with 1H decoupling. Including actively shielded Z-gradient coil for use with GRASP. Automatic Tuning and Matching (ATM) Accessory permits computer control of tuning and matching from sample to sample for optimum automation.
Part No.:Z566301

Bruker PA TXI H-C/N-D-05 XYZ NMR Probe
1H observe with 13C and 15N decoupling. Including actively shielded X,Y,Z-gradient coil. Automatic Tuning and Matching (ATM) Accessory permits computer control of tuning and matching from sample to sample for optimum automation.
Part No.:Z131150

Solid-State NMR Probe

Bruker BioSolids Triple Resonance DVT CPMAS probe
single coil, triply tuned for 13C and 31P with 1H cross-polarization, 1.3mm rotor design with 65 kHz maximum spinning speed.
Part No.:B7014/02