Facility Overview

The preclinical F.M. Kirby Research Center facility is a (Biosafety Level 2, BSL-2) clean animal facility for advanced bioimaging, housing a BLI/CT and two, ultra-high field MRI scanners, a Bruker BioSpec 11.7 T and a Bruker 17.6 T microimaging system. The MRI scanners are equipped with state-of-the-art multi-channel RF coils and MRI cryoprobes, allowing high-resolution in vivo rodent imaging for application in life science, biomedical and preclinical research. The facility further has available a surgical suite to perform preparation procedures for the in vivo imaging studies. A magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) system is being added. A behavioral suite (located in a BSL-1 laboratory) is also available. The facility provides expert faculty and comprehensive imaging support services for investigators from Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University. Possible support includes experimental design, equipment and pulse sequence development for innovative MRI imaging and processing and interpreting the acquired MRI data.
News & Highlights
April 28, 2011: First 500 MHz CryoProbe for an MRI scanner is installed in the F.M. Kirby Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Cyroprobe preamplifier

The RF coil cooled to 24K

March 5, 2011: The Bruker Biospec 11.7 T scanner is delivered.

Magnet being lifted from transport trailer

Coming in the front door

In KKI lobby on air skates

In the scan room